simply nutty muesli

a blend of rolled and toasted flakes with dates, roasted hazelnuts & Brazil nuts.

Good to Know
  • no added sugar
  • high in fibre
  • suitable for vegans
  • no raisins or sultanas
  • kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • made with whole grains

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Ingredients: Whole grain oat flakes, Chopped dates, Whole grain wheat flakes, Whole grain toasted wheat flakes, Barley flakes, Chopped roasted hazelnuts, Whole almonds, Sunflower seeds, Chopped Brazil nuts.

Contains: Almonds, Barley, Brazil nuts, Hazelnuts, Oats, Wheat.

May contain: Rye, Other tree nuts, Kamut (wheat), Spelt (wheat).

Ingredients: Flocons d'avoine à grains entiers, Dattes hachées, Flocons de blé à grains entiers, Flocons de blé grillé à grains entiers, Flocons d’orge, Éclats de noisettes grillées, Amandes entières, Graines de tournesol, Éclats de noix du Brésil.

Contient: Amandes, Orge, Noix du Brésil, Noisettes, Avoine, Blé.

Peut contenir: Seigle, Autres noix, Blé kamut, Épeautre (blé).

allergy advice

This product is made in a location that handles a variety of tree nuts including some that are not listed in the ingredients list. So, if you have an allergy to tree nuts of any sort, please do not eat this product.

Caution: Due to the type of ingredients we use, sometimes a stray piece of nutshell or fruit stone may sneak past our checks. These could be quite hard if you bite them, so please take care.

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