how to enjoy a breakfast on the slow

At Dorset Cereals we believe that breakfast is too important to be rushed, and that by far the best way to start the day is to sit down, relax and really enjoy your first meal. As the world gets faster and faster, sometimes the little pleasures can be missed – so here are our tips for incorporating a breakfast on the slow into your lifestyle…


1. make a little time

We loved this blog by Jessica – aka The Woodland Wife – about the joys of throwing on her cosy slipper socks and an old shirt to eat a slow breakfast with the Sunday magazines, good coffee and her husband!

Of course, leisurely breakfasts complete with newspapers are easier to find time for at the weekend. But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start every day with a little bit of calming me-time. Setting the alarm just half an hour earlier will mean you don’t have to resort to grabbing a pastry on the way to the bus stop. Try it – it’s amazing what a difference it can make to your whole enjoyment of the day.


2. warm up

A good meal is always more enjoyable if you feel you’ve earned it! A little morning exercise will banish the cobwebs and create that lovely sense of virtue before you sit down to eat. It doesn’t have to be a 10-mile run – how about a morning warm up with a few simple yoga exercises, or some tai chi?


3. dress up for breakfast

Dressing up can make all the difference to otherwise ordinary things: being in your finest clothes creates a sense of occasion. And if white tie or a ballgown can make dinner special, why shouldn’t you also dress up for the most important meal of the day? Wearing a really gorgeous dressing gown will make you feel luxurious and deliciously spoiled.

(By the way, the ultimate in dressing gown indulgence is a Daniel Hanson robe in British cashmere or Italian silk. Hanson’s bathrobes made for the Duke and Duchess of Kent on their wedding day cost a mere £8,000 each – but you can buy them off-the-peg at slightly more modest prices).


4. …and dress the table too

The temptation to bolt your breakfast in front of the television may be strong, but making a little effort to set the table properly, with cutlery, condiments and (why not?) fresh flowers means you’ll be in the mindset to enjoy your meal at a leisurely pace. (Tip: setting the table before you go to bed at night will make life easier!)

(For really lovely placemats, table cloths and other dining accessories we recommend the amazing Tori Murphy  – see the picture below.)


5. do it al fresco

A lazy breakfast on the balcony is one of the true joys of most holidays in the sun – so why not bring that vibe back home? Canadian sunrises are amongst the most spectacular in the world, so set up your breakfast table in the back garden and enjoy the fresh air and birdsong with your cereal and coffee – even if you do need to wrap up rather warm…


6. make it a thing

Now this all sounds wonderful in theory – but will you really make it happen in practice, or will you fall back into the old ways of wolfing your breakfast in a hurry? Well, there’s one way to make sure you keep to your resolution: make breakfast on the slow a Thing in your life.

Make it a date, plan ahead, put it in your diary – and you can even invite your friends. After all, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it slowly… and sharing it too.

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