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At Dorset we believe in taking time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and regularly practicing self-care. So we’ve put together everything you need to stretch, scribble and snack your way to mastering the art of self-care.

It’s no secret that yoga is an amazing way to incorporate self-care into your life. Spending time on your mat provides both physical and mental health benefits, including improved strength and reduced stress!

Aromatherapy is a wonderful tool for stress release and relaxation. One easy way to get your daily dose is by getting into the habit of burning candles. Bonus: it will also create a cozy, comforting ambiance in your home.

Is journaling part of your regular routine yet? It can help ease your mind, increase gratitude and set goals and intentions. And the good news is you don’t have to be an acclaimed novelist to experience the rewards.

Slowing down to savour a bowl of our tasty muesli will always help get your day off to a great start. And eating a healthy breakfast is an important part of a good morning routine.

Starting the day with a warm beverage is a beloved part of many morning routines. And we believe in taking time to savour these simple pleasures in life.

What’s better than curling up under a super warm and cozy blanket to enjoy your favourite show, movie, or a good book? It’s one of our go-to ways to practice self-care.

A relaxing bath can help you sleep better, soothe muscle pain and calm your nerves. Now that’s what we call self-care. And in our opinion, no bath is complete without a bath bomb.